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Today I Learned Some Animals Really Like Vacuums. Maybe a Bit Too Much.

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Nothing competes with getting a massage. The relaxation, inner peace, and the “Ahhhhh” moment make it totally worthwhile. Bliss is only a $130 90 minute deep tissue session away.

That’s why it should be no small wonder that our furry friends enjoy them just as much as we do. But with one special exception: It has to “suck!”


2.) Gotta love that scalp message.

3.) “Don’t forget my belly.”

4.) Garfield is having too much fun.

5.) Hmm…why are we doing this?

6.) “Do my bidding…human.”

7.) “You missed me, so I thought I’d help you remember.”

8.) “Ahhhhhh…”


10.) Tennis ball can wait…vacuum me!

11.) Too…tired…to move.

12.) Don’t forget the belly.

13.) A scratch…and a vacuum. Wow!

14.) Somehow I feel like this isn’t for massage purposes.

15.) This cat’s getting his money’s worth.

16.) In exchange for this, please don’t eat my shoes.

17.) “More, please!”

18.) Paradise.

19.) OMG, yes!

20.) Check, check, check…testing 1-2-3.

21.) You missed a spot to the left.


(via BuzzFeed)

My dog seriously won’t stop barking now ’til he gets his daily “massage.” In return, I don’t have to worry about any chewed up shoes. Everyone wins!

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