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There’s Something Odd About One Of These Dogs… HEY, Wait A Second!

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Pigs are one of the most intelligent domesticated animals on the planet, but even they can make mistakes from time to time. Take Virginia the Juliana pig for example. She is one of the sweetest porkers on the planet… but she thinks she is a dog! Her “siblings” are boxers, but that doesn’t stop the 10 month-old pig from thinking she one, too. She lives in Colorado with her family, where they happily spend their days hanging out in a unique pack.

Virginia can’t tell that she is just a little bit different from her brother and sister…

Not only is she is a pig, but she’s also smarter.

She potty trained quickly.

Not only that, but she learned to use the doggy door faster than the pups did.

“I don’t think Virginia realizes that she isn’t a dog. We got her when she was 3 months old so she grew up around them,” said her owner.

“t took about a day for her to learn how to use the litter box. Once we put in the dog door she started going outside immediately and has never looked back. She is very neat.”

Source: Reddit via Bored Panda Pigs are actually one of the smartest and cleanest animals around (don’t let the pig pen stereotype fool you). So, cut Virginia a break for thinking she is just like her doggy friends. Besides, it’s just so cute! Share this unusual pack with others.

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