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This Poor Puppy Was Close To Death, But Watch His Miraculous Recovery

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Whenever I come across a rescue story, I cry. That’s just the way it is. It’s incredibly difficult to see dogs suffering — but I love watching these videos because I get to witness their amazing recoveries. Sure, it’s easy to hate others for the cruel things that they do to animals, but the amazing […]


These Hallo-weiner Dogs Are Here to Spook You Silly With Their Cuteness.

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You want to know what’s better than dachshunds? Dachshunds in costume. We’re talking weiner dogs dressed as vampires, Batman and almost anything your heart could desire. These adorable puppies know how to properly celebrate a holiday, that’s for sure! Start the engines, Jock! celebritydachshund A weeny butler will bring you a tray of teeny weenies. celebritydachshund This […]


Smart set wrongly claims Twitter not for serious politics, mocks ‘non-serious distractions’!/dmataconis/status/192639152565649409 Oh, the Twitter police! It is especially hilarious coming from an incessant tweeter. We can’t fathom the hubris it takes to mock others for wasting time on Twitter … while tweeting incessantly. @dmataconis just trying to reconcile your disgust with wasting time on Twitter with your apparent occupation of wasting time on Twitter. — […]


Dog-killer Vick speaks out against cockfighting!/APgelston/status/192008148259840001 Eagles QB Michael Vick makes effort to say animal cruelty is wrong, urging Alabama lawmakers to increase penalties for cockfighting. — Dan Gelston (@APgelston) April 16, 2012 Back in 2008, NFL quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced to 23-months in prison for dog-fighting. Now he’s speaking out against animal cruelty by urging Alabama to increase […]


One Husky’s Vocal Tricks Are Something You Need to Hear to Believe. Whoa.

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Like humans, every dog has a unique personality, set of talents, and desires in life. This dog’s talents, though, are something you need to experience in order to believe. This is the kind of trick that can’t be taught exactly… Good boy! OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘NtdmpkcTqaRgrfYhk4uHhrTGovK3eLmo’, {‘autoplay’:true}); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video Just […]