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Empty chair leads field of #Things I Would Vote For Before Obama!/dotto22/status/241679872211185665

Opinion on Clint Eastwood’s skit at the Republican National Convention was split in a big way, with Kirstie Alley calling it “funny as hell” and Mike Elk deeming it a racist “minstrel show.” While Eastwood faces a possible boycott of his new film, the empty chair to which he spoke was a breakaway superstar of the night, inspiring its own Twitter account, an #Eastwooding photo craze and maybe even a few write-in votes.

So, what are some other #ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama?

#thingsIwouldvoteforbeforeObama (I'll keep it simple) everything!!!

— John (@FuriousCStyles) August 31, 2012

@imaumbn #thingsIwouldvoteforbeforeobama richard nixon, jimmy carter, the red sox and cigarettes for kindergarteners

— Crackbarry (@Crackbarry1) August 31, 2012

Jimmy Carter #thingsIwouldvoteforbeforeObama

— Han Yolo (@MCHblazer) August 31, 2012

Wow, two votes for Jimmy Carter already. Forward, people.

Just about any Democrat, maybe even @JoeBiden#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama

— gres (@uLive4) August 31, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama cottage cheese..

— William Bilbrey (@stinger5150) August 31, 2012

#ThingsIwouldvoteforBeforeObama An endless 5 hour loop of "We Built This City" by Starship

— Dave (@CADave22) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama Obama's Kenyan brother.

— juliebean (@juliagulia614) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama Federal Law requiring restaurants to carry fresh puppy meat on the menu at all times.

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) September 1, 2012

#thingsIwouldvoteforbeforeObama Anyone remember that little green alien on the Flintstones? (I guess the show had jumped the shark by then.)

— ProIntegrity (@ProIntegrity) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama Roseanne Barr

— Jim Gladden (@GenesisRacing) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama Root canal w/no anesthesia by Mike the Barber with sharpened chopsticks and a pint of liquor in his system.

— CoolCzech (@CoolCzech1) September 1, 2012

#thingsIwouldvoteforbeforeObama Whatever that mystery thing was that caused one wheel of my shopping cart to lock up at Wegman's today.

— ProIntegrity (@ProIntegrity) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama – Appointing Clay Aiken music czar

— Karen Schuler (@karebair1) September 1, 2012

#ThingsIWouldVoteForBeforeObama the Pie that @jasonbiggs stuck his member into in American Pie. #FireJasonBiggs

— Lola Twelve (@LolaTwelve) September 1, 2012

So, any other suggestions? Keep checking around your back yard and in your kitchen cabinets — sorry, racist! — for nominees.

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