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Howling Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum When Told To Get Out Of The Bath

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Normally, dogs sprint for the door when they hear the word “walk,” super excited to go outside for a bit. But not Zeus. He’s much happier when he hears the word “bath.”

According to his owner, the stubborn husky loves nothing more than to take baths and play in the water. Often, he even lies in the tub and begs for the water to be turned on. On this occasion, Zeus’ mom made it quite clear to him that it wasn’t bath time and that they were going out for a walk. That’s when the pup threw a full-blown toddler-style temper tantrum, full of whimpers and howls.

It’s okay, Zeus, I feel your pain. Maybe if you make sure to get extra dirty during your walk you’ll get that bath!

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