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The Story Of What They Found In This Guy’s Home Would Make For A Perfect Horror Plot

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Growing up, I’m sure most of us had that one creepy neighbor. You know, the one who just seemed off in some way — maybe not in a “kill you in cold blood for no reason” kind of way, but still bizarre.

Looking back now, you can probably boil that down to being a kid and not knowing much about the world. For Redditor SomeKindOfHypnotist, however, his assessment of the creepy guy next door was actually tame compared to what was really going on.

SomeKindOfHypnotist says that the house he grew up in was right next to that of an older gentleman, affectionately known as Creeky.

While there were many strange things about Creeky, one of the weirdest things of all was that he always seemed to have an enormous amount of cats and dogs hanging out on his property. From the outside, it seemed like Creeky lived in squalor, but SomeKindOfHypnotist says that he actually owned properties all over town.

Creeky never spoke to anyone, and the only time he left his house was to go to the grocery store. There, he bought pet food, grapes, and a 12-pack of Pepsi every week. He always paid with a $100 bill.

After SomeKindOfHypnotist moved away, the third floor of Creeky’s house collapsed. That’s when he moved into an RV that was parked on the property. Not long after that, his house mysteriously burned to the ground. A few years later, Creeky was finally placed in a nursing home by the state. The Redditor’s father got a call from out of the blue one day, and the person on the other end of the line turned out to be Creeky’s sister. She asked him to go check on the property so that she could prepare to sell it.

His father agreed, but what he found inside the RV and Creeky’s other cars was nightmarish.

He discovered stacks and stacks of crates, each containing the rotting or mummified remains of a cat or dog.

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Some of the bodies had been placed in cardboard containers, and others were simply stuffed inside black garbage bags.

I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible this must’ve smelled.

The animals that never made it into cardboard caskets or garbage bags just decomposed where they fell.

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While it’s hard to say for sure, it’s likely that Creeky killed most of these poor animals himself.

All that was left of Creeky’s house was this pile of rubble and ash. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there were some human remains in there somewhere.

(source: Reddit)

Just imagine growing up right down the road from that madness. The Redditor never said what happened to Creeky after he was put in the nursing home. All we can do is hope that this disturbed man received the help he clearly needed.

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