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He Found This Dog Starving And Close To Death, But Look At Him Now!

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); A local photographer recently found a dog chained up in a condition that can only be described as heartbreaking. When he found the pup, he was covered in fleas, blood parasites, and worms. His skin was barely clinging to his bones and he was suffering from mange. While most people would […]


This Dog Was Dumped Into A Tar Pit In The Desert, But Luckily Someone Found Her

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It happens in our backyards, behind closed doors, and in the middle of nowhere… We’re talking about animal cruelty and abandonment. Fortunately, most people don’t have to see it firsthand, but when Jhonny Alquinta and his son were off-roading in Antofagasta, Chile, they witnessed something they couldn’t un-see…and definitely couldn’t ignore. Tar pits like this […]


What This Clever Dog Does Every Time She Goes For A Walk Is Awesome

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Lots of pets have unusual habits. Some like to hide their owners’ socks. Others like to eat out of the litter box. For Paris, a nine-year-old Boxer, her unusual habit is a lot more environmentally friendly than most. While she goes out for walks, Paris likes to collect plastic bottles, cans, and pieces of trash. […]


#ObamaAteADogLyrics: ‘Who let the dogs out … of the oven?’!/JonahNRO/status/236114434291019776 First, #ObamaMusicals. Now: #ObamaAteADogLyrics. Dark humor abounds as Twitter users have some fun. Because, you know, Obama ate a dog. The president himself reminded everyone of that just the other day, when he pitifully tried to bring up Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus again. And ABC’s Jake Tapper nailed him on it today. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. #pwned […]


This Jack Russell Definitely Wins Halloween This Year…And Also Life In General

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Jack Russell terriers are known for being incredibly smart and easy to train. That’s part of the reason why they’ve appeared on multiple TV shows. Aside from their big brains, these pups are extremely adorable. Remee, a five-year-old terrier, loves to be in front of the camera, too, but in her case, it’s her mom […]


Racial code words now include ‘chair’: Eastwood’s RNC bit a ‘dog whistle’!/iowahawkblog/status/241585220980207616 Sadly, oh how true that is. Nearly everything is now a “code word” or a racist “dog whistle.” .@JonahNRO In case you missed it: The reference guide to racist code words via @stephenkruiser==> — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 30, 2012 The funny thing is, it is the racist Left who hears them. No […]