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This Service Dog Changed A Little Girl’s Life, Now She’s Doing Something Very Special For Her Friend

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Last year, the heartwarming story of 11-year-old Bella Burton and her Great Dane service dog, George, took the world by storm. Because Burton suffers from a progressive disease known as Morquio Syndrome, doctors thought she’d spend the rest of her life clinging to crutches. Then she met her helpful, gentle giant at The Service Dog […]


Top Tweets: Delayed votes add snark to election reporting!/Doc_0/status/179733170177064961 Last night was election night in Alabama and Mississippi, and with delayed votes in both states, it can bring out the snark in tweeters. Here’s a roundup of the best throughout the Twittersphere. "Wait; what number comes after three?" #MississippiVoteCounting — Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) March 14, 2012 Tonight, Romney should call his doctor […]


17 Ways Smugglers Have Used Food To Disguise And Transport Illegal Drugs

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People have been coming up with creative and dangerous ways to smuggle drugs throughout history. When it comes to the drug trade, criminals have proven that they’ll try just about anything to successfully transport illegal substances to buyers undetected — even if that means using human beings as packaging. That said, it should come as […]


19 Times Jennifer Lopez Proved She Was The Celeb Having The Most Fun On Instagram

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Or 19 times we’re reminded just how incredible it would be to live like J.Lo. 1. The time she took a break from posing on the red carpet at the Golden Globes to take a selfie with Ryan Guzman. 2. The time she wasn’t afraid to go head-to-head with Grumpy Cat on who could […]


Taunting Romney campaign bus now has own Twitter account!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/213641203349061632 Oh, our sides! As Twitchy reported yesterday, Team Romney scored the first points in the face-off battle in Ohio between candidates Mitt Romney and President Obama. The Romney campaign bus drove around the Obama event site, honking its horn and taunting Obama supporters. Yesterday, the tour bus also got its very own Twitter account. […]