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If Your Cat Or Dog Does Any Of These Things, They Need To Go To The Vet ASAP

It’s no secret that we quickly develop lasting bonds with our pets.

For many pet owners, our cats and dogs are considered members of the family. They feel like kids to us, but when it comes to our pets’ health and safety, they can’t exactly speak out in their time of need. So how do we know when it’s the right time to take your cat or dog to the vet? What signs or changes in behavior should you look for?

Never fear, pet lovers. We’ve got the answers you need. Here are the major behavioral changes in cats and dogs that mean they may require immediate medical attention.

1. Bad breath in cats

If your feline’s breath smells like ammonia, it could be caused by kidney disease or a kidney infection.

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2. Change in appetite

If your animal is finding it harder to make time to eat or drink water, it could be caused by one of many illnesses or conditions. Informing your vet ASAP can help them quickly narrow down the cause of their change in eating habits.

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