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This Dog Ate $500. But It’s What Happened Later That Made Me Laugh For 10 Minutes.

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Wayne Klinkel was on a road trip with his wife to see his daughter when disaster struck in the form of their hungry dog. But, we don’t know what’s more entertaining:

The fact that their dog ate all of their money… or what Wayne did to get the money back.

Sundance decided that $500 was a tasty snack for him, so he ate all of the $100 bills in her owner’s backseat.

The Klinkels were on a road trip to visit their daughter. They stopped to grab foot and then their dog took that opportunity to eat their cash.

Instead of giving up on the money, Wayne patiently waited for Sundance to pass all of the bills… and then he painstakingly reassembled them.

He went to the bank and, after telling the story and getting some advice (and laughter), he sent the mutilated currency to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, with a letter explaining how the money came to be destroyed. They were happy to cut him a check.

Thankfully the US Government was a good sport. We have a feeling the “dog ate my money” excuse is pretty common.


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