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23 Proud Mama Dogs That Have The Most Beautiful Families Ever

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Our moms are our biggest fans. No matter how often we fall, they’re always there to pick us up. They’re our best friends, our protectors, and our healers. And the same goes for our fluffy friends, too.

These sweet mama dogs just can’t help but show off their little ones. Maybe the pride in their eyes will make you pick up the phone and call your mom. She misses you, you know.

1. “He’s a little different, but we still love him.”

2. Epic naps are a family affair.

3. “Yeah, we rock at making babies.”

4. “Whatever they did, they’re innocent…I swear.”

5. It’s like someone spilled the cutest glass of chocolate milk ever.

6. “I wanna see clean plates, okay?”

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7. “No cuddles with my babies until I see you use some hand sanitizer.”

8. “I didn’t have 101 of them, but it sure feels like I did.”

9. “Sorry, kids. You can’t play outside until after lunch.”

10. “Wait…where’s Kevin?”

11. “I think they have my nose!”

12. “She got my good looks.”

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13. “They’re all my favorite!”

14. “Back off, bucko. It’s nap time.”

15. “Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?”

16. “Oh, you think twins are a handful?”

17. “Take your time. There’s plenty to go around!”

18. “I’m putting a lot of trust in you right now.”

19. “Yeah, 72 hours of labor was totally worth it.”

20. “Mom, the bigger kids are picking on me again.”

21. “My boys are so polite.”

22. Moms always make the best pillows.

23. And they make great blankets, too!

(via Bored Panda)

What? I’m not tearing up…you are. Okay, we all are. And you know what? Don’t just call your mom. Give her a ring on Skype. I’m sure she’d love to see your pretty face!

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