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Some Brit: iPads and Kindles will never replace the printed page

Don’t get me wrong: I like the printed page, but this made me laugh. The best-selling author [Joanna Trollope] said it was impossible to furnish a room with a library of electronic novels in the same way as a study filled with bound works. She also claimed the rise of e-books was “homogenising” literature by […]


Here Are 50 Adorable Baby Animals Organized By The State They Represent. Which One Is Yours?

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Do you know your state’s official bird? What about its motto? Drink? No matter if you do or don’t, forget everything you know because we found a much better state list for you. This is every state’s baby animal. Although some are birds, they are baby birds so they are quite a bit cuter than the […]


She Lost An Ear When She Was Used For Dog Fighting, But Look At Her Now

Dog fighting is a cruel and inhumane practice that is illegal in all 50 states and U.S. territories. It involves placing bets on dogs who then fight each other, often to the death. This senseless killing isn’t the only horror inflicted in dog fighting rings. The dogs who aren’t good at fighting or refuse to […]