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Here Are 50 Adorable Baby Animals Organized By The State They Represent. Which One Is Yours?

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Do you know your state’s official bird? What about its motto? Drink? No matter if you do or don’t, forget everything you know because we found a much better state list for you. This is every state’s baby animal. Although some are birds, they are baby birds so they are quite a bit cuter than the normal state animal. Awwww, even the bugs are cute.

1.) Alabama: American Black Bear

2.) Alaska: Moose

3.) Arizona: Ring Tailed Cat

4.) Arkansas: Mockingbird

5.) California: Gray Whale

6.) Colorado: Big Horned Sheep

7.) Connecticut: Sperm Whale

8.) Delaware: Gray Fox

9.) Florida: Florida Panther

10.) Georgia: Right Whale

11.) Hawaii: Hawaiian Monk Seal

12.) Idaho: Appaloosa Horse

13.) Illinois: Monarch Butterfly

14.) Indiana: Northern Cardinal

15.) Iowa: American Goldfinch

16.) Kansas: American Bison

17.) Kentucky: Gray Squirrel

18.) Louisiana: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

19.) Maine: Maine Coon Cat

20.) Maryland: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

21.) Massachusetts: Boston Terrier

22.) Michigan: Painted Turtle

23.) Minnesota: Loon

24.) Mississippi: Bottlenose Dolphin

25.) Missouri: Missouri Fox Trotter

26.) Montana: Grizzly Bear

27.) Nebraska: White Tailed Deer

28.) Nevada: Desert Bighorn

29.) New Hampshire: Spotted Newt

30.) New Jersey: Horse

31.) New Mexico: Roadrunner

32.) New York: Beaver

33.) North Carolina: Eastern Box Turtle

34.) North Dakota: Nokota Horse

35.) Ohio: Ladybug

36.) Oklahoma: Raccoon

37.) Oregon: Dungeness Crab

38.) Pennsylvania: Great Dane

39.) Rhode Island: Rhode Island Red Chicken

40.) South Carolina: Wood Duck

41.) South Dakota: Coyote

42.) Tennessee: Bobwhite Quail

43.) Texas: Nine-banded Armadillo

44.) Utah: Rocky Mountain Elk

45.) Vermont: Morgan Horse

46.) Virginia: American Foxhound

47.) Washington: Killer Whale

48.) West Virginia: Timber Rattlesnake

49.) Wisconsin: American Badger

50.) Wyoming: Horned Lizard

Washington D.C.: Wood Thrush

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