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This Dog’s Time Had Almost Come, But He Held On To Meet His New Baby Sister

When most people think about adopting a dog, they gravitate toward younger pups.

It makes sense. We all want our pets to live long and happy lives with us. Unfortunately, this means that shelters often have a hard time placing their senior pets, with whom potential owners don’t know how much time they have. But every once in a while, it’s a match made in Heaven.

When Beth and Michael Clark met Rocky, they knew he was the perfect fit for their family, which at the time was just the two of them. Little did they know how important Rocky would be as their family grew.

Rocky was 17 years old in this 2015 picture taken shortly after he joined the Clark family.

“Rocky made our life very complete,” Beth Clark told TODAY Parents. “He loved dancing with us and being near us. As the year went on, it got harder for him to climb the stairs and go on walks, so my husband would carry him up the stairs every night just so he could sleep next to us, and instead of walks we just sat outside in the sun together.”

Rocky was a cherished member of the family, and he comforted Beth as she went through the pain of having a miscarriage.

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That’s why when they found out they were pregnant again shortly afterward, the Clarks incorporated Rocky into their pregnancy announcement.

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“Rocky didn’t really notice until I started showing, but he was so gentle with me and he adjusted really well with all the baby stuff coming in,” said Clark. “When I wasn’t feeling good, he was always near.”

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Around seven months into the pregnancy, Rocky’s health began to fail, but he stayed alive long enough to meet his brand new baby sister. “He sniffed her and placed his head near her,” said Clark. “It was beautiful and I cried.”

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“I called a vet and that night, he went peacefully with his family by him,” said Clark. “We loved him more than words can describe and we still have a very hard time adjusting to him not being here.”

(via TODAY Parents)

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