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WATCH: Keanu Reeves shoots a bunch of guns for ‘John Wick” sequel

On March 3, Taran Tactical Industries— a California firearms dealer that specializes in products and weapons for tactical and competition shooters — posted a video of actor Keneau Reeves apparently training for his role in “John Wick: Chapter 2.” The video is aptly titled, “Keanu shredding with Taran Butler.” (Butler is the CEO of Taran […]


19 Of The Creepiest Mall Easter Bunnies That Scarred Kids For Life

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It’s almost Easter, which means the resurgence of so many time-honored traditions, including, of course, mall Easter bunnies. Yes, we’ve all come to enjoy the time when we force our children to be handled by the lowest-paid employee at the nearby fast food joint. Sadly, because their overtime request never went through, they have to […]


A Teacher Found This Kitten Crying In A Bag…This Story Will Break Your Heart

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According to the ASPCA, every year, approximately 3.4 million cats enter into animal shelters because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. But even more cats live and die on the streets, never lucky enough to even make it to a shelter. That’s what was going to happen to this little kitten before she was picked up […]


French Bulldogs Can’t Contain Their Excitement When Dad Mentions The Dog Park

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One dog owner by the name of Patrick has to be very careful that he doesn’t accidentally say “dog park” around his two adorable Frenchies. Every time six-year-old Ganon and his two-year-old little brother, Loki, hear those words, they absolutely lose their minds with excitement. To demonstrate, Patrick decided to film them sitting calmly in […]


Long-Lost Dog Finally Gets To Hug His Family Again In Heartwarming Reunion

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Joe Karl’s life was turned upside down one day when his beloved dog Gunnar went missing. Karl and his family tried everything to find their cherished canine pal, but with no reports or sightings, they finally gave up. Around the same time, agents at the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control were searching for […]


Here Are The Top 19 Animals That Kill The Most Humans. Number One May Shock You.

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Turns out some of those odd phobias people have are arguably quite sane after all. Now you can tell your friends that your equinophobia (the fear of horses) might just be keeping you alive. Granted, in the grand scheme of things horses are not responsible for a lot of deaths, definitely not a many as the […]