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19 Of The Creepiest Mall Easter Bunnies That Scarred Kids For Life

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It’s almost Easter, which means the resurgence of so many time-honored traditions, including, of course, mall Easter bunnies. Yes, we’ve all come to enjoy the time when we force our children to be handled by the lowest-paid employee at the nearby fast food joint. Sadly, because their overtime request never went through, they have to dress up like a murderous bunny to make ends meet.

Here are the creepiest Easter bunnies of all time:

1. In Easter Hell, the demon rabbit is king and this is his throne.

2. These are the eyes of a man who is drinking whiskey straight from the bottle after work.

Or maybe while he works.

3. The best thing about Easter is that this guy doesn’t have to change before his Eyes Wide Shut viewing party.

4. Aww, little baby Tanya just said her first word…and it was “fear”!

5. This girl will grow up having no problem killing bunnies with her bare hands…and I don’t blame her.

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6. An unholy alliance is made.

7. “If I let you go, you must do my bidding.”

8. He went on to rob this store minutes later.

9. Even the bunny looks like he wishes he didn’t look like a reanimated corpse.

10. This looks less like a bunny and more like if Mickey Rooney was an anime cat.

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11. Why doesn’t he have eyes? WHERE ARE HIS EYES?!

12. This one looks like he has a goatee made out of the blood of his victims.

13. “Hey, murder here often?”

14. I don’t know why, but I imagine this bunny talks like Willem Dafoe.

15. Yikes. This looks like something a kid might draw in a dream journal…but for nightmares.


17. I’m legitimately worried for this dog’s life.

18. Easter bunny…or abominable snowman?

19. Since when are bunnies blue with blood all over their face?

Ah yes, mall Easter bunnies — fun for the parents, terrifying for the children, and painfully awkward for the nice minimum-wage workers inside those wretched costumes.

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