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War veteran reunited with dog after media, Schumer spotlight!/AnnVanderlaan/status/182210362035277826

Thank you to the 21k+ who signed my petition to reunite Corporal Leavey w/Sergeant Rex – it made all the difference

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 20, 2012

Here’s the report from LoHud:

There were no tearful embraces Monday evening, but as former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey stood beside the man who advocated on her behalf, she was relieved to know her partner Rex would live out his days in peace.

“I’m just so happy that I can be the one to take care of him because really, he has taken care of me in so many different situations that it’s my pleasure,” Leavey said. “I just can’t wait for him to retire now and relax and be a pet and live the good life.”

Leavey and Rex, the military service dog who was standing with her when an improvised explosive device was detonated near them outside of Ramadi, Iraq, in September 2006, are expected to officially be reunited in a matter of days.

On Monday, Rex remained at Camp Pendleton, Calif., where officials with the Marines are completing the paperwork necessary for the adoption.

Officials with the Air Force, the military branch responsible for training military work dogs, have already signed off on the adoption, officials said.

The imminent reunion was announced in the office of Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., on Monday evening. Leavey is in the process of booking a flight to California to pick Rex up.

Yay for Sgt. Rex and Corporal Leavey. SHE GETS TO ADOPT THIS PRECIOUS SENIOR CANINE SOLDER!! Dear Ms. Sherman:…

— BBAWC (@BBAWC) March 20, 2012

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