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W-Oof: Obama tradition? WH gingerbread house features edible first dog Bo!/ZerlinaMaxwell/status/276519868545785856

Oh, no. That can’t be, can it?

The 527th photo you’ve probably seen of the White House gingerbread house, from inside the White House, with Bo.…

— Neil King (@NKingofDC) December 6, 2012

Oh, dear. Yes, that is the White House gingerbread house. And this year it features an edible Bo. First it was Bo cookies passed out to reporters and now this?

Bo is GINORMOUS! (relatively) RT @zerlinamaxwell: Gingerbread WH.

— txvoodoo (@txvoodoo) December 6, 2012

For better eating! This staggering lack of  Obama self-awareness has Twitter users remembering a little something. You know, like Obama ate a dog.

before I go to bed, I just want to remind you that #ObamaAteADog

— Shawn Anderson (@shawnsBrain66) December 6, 2012

Dog eater Obama 2012 White House Gingerbread House features edible Bo ‘ #tcot #tlot #sgp #ocra

— ne1 g0tz (@exposeliberals) December 9, 2012

Still fattening him up, I guess. Some people think Obama named his dog Bo after his own initials. Nope. It stands for “banquet offering.”

— ObamaDogRecipes (@ObamaDogRecipes) December 9, 2012

Bo is featured on the White House holiday card as well, which is yet another reminder!

Remember #ObamaAteADog RT @muddlemuddle: Dog Bo Graces Official White House Christmas Card Because the birth of Jesus…

— Marooned in Marin (@MaroonedInMarin) December 6, 2012

By the way, guess what? Taxpayers are on the hook for Bo’s walking to the tune of $100,000.

RT @tonyaustin22: Obama’s dog walker is paid over $100,000 a year.

— JohnSimonds (@JohnSimonds) December 9, 2012

Obama force taxpayers to spend 102,000 per year on his dog? #Stupid.

— Sarah.ZA(@Sarah09361503) December 9, 2012

And, the reminders keep coming! Walking the dog? Or preparing him?

Only to have him eat it once it’s fat enough. MT @billhobbs You’re paying someone $100,000 a year to walk Obama’s dog.

— Aaron (@a_ryan88) December 9, 2012

@o_meohmy surprised that Obama hired a dog walker and not a dog butcher… 🙂

— Jeff Underwood (@jeffunderwood71) December 9, 2012

Oh, dear! Pray for Bo.

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