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When You Thread Pancake Batter Around Hot Dogs, You Make This Delicious Treat

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The Labor Day weekend is almost upon us which means that it’s getting to be the time of year when we close up our grills and move the party indoors. It usually also means that you can say so long to delicious hot dogs and yummy grilled burgers. But with this recipe, you can forget […]


This Pit Bull Defies Breed Stereotypes By Helping His Human Lead A Safe, Happy Life

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If you think it’s difficult for people to break free from damaging stereotypes, imagine how hard it is for dogs. They can’t speak. They can’t write personal essays about the great things they’ve done. They can’t disagree with you when you shackle them with harmful misconceptions. They can’t tell visitors at the shelter that they’re […]


Lisa Lampanelli comments on Colin Powell’s ‘dark vein,’ says GOP ‘full of white dicks’!/LisaLampanelli/status/291579471998382081 Leave it to comedian Lisa Lampanelli to class up an already classy situation. Colin Powell indeed blew the dog whistle on the GOP’s “dark vein of intolerance,” but Lisa couldn’t resist taking it a little further. Seems a bit raaaaaacist-y, no? She went on: Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Read more:


Bad News: These 25 Things Will Probably Kill You. Watch Out For #7… Every Single Day.

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As humans, we have to accept that at some point, we will exit this mortal coil. Dying is a certainty. However, what isn’t certain is how we will die. Chances are, one of these 25 things on this list will kill you. The odds of you dying by dog bite, bee sting, flood or gunshot wound is […]


Greta Van Susteren wants Fox News’ Mike Emanuel to get a dog [photos]!/gretawire/status/361301219991486464 Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s attempt to convince her colleague Mike Emanuel that his kids need a puppy began with this tweet:!/gretawire/status/361287197883768832 Rep. Jason Chaffetz had also tweeted the picture:!/jasoninthehouse/status/361259989064613888 A Fox News production assistant was immediately swept under by the cute-a-lanche:!/AshleyKoerber/status/361288129979752449 At that point, Fox News’ Mike Emanuel, under apparent […]


Heh: Busy Brit Hume asks the NSA to answer his emails!/brithume/status/344196651163979777 Hey, if you’re concerned that government snoops are monitoring your emails, you might as well put them to work for you, right?!/StephenLeeUSA/status/344196993649881088 Totally. Is the NSA up for it?!/THE_NSA_PRISM/status/344197452787744768 Ah. Well, we hear the Justice Department is available:!/jfgroves/status/344196842340360193 In any case, one thing’s for sure:!/KearnKev/status/344197138017832961 Damn skippy. *** Related: Brit […]


You Think You Know Animals… Til You See Them Under An X-Ray. The Penguin Shocked Me.

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If you own a pet, you’re probably very comfortable with them. Your dog, cat, rabbit or snake is most likely named something like “Fluffy” or “Captain Hammer.” You’re comfortable with Captain Hammer, in fact, you could pick him out of a lineup. But what if I told you that perhaps you don’t know your beloved […]


After Being Saved, This Adorable Critter Had Her First Encounter With A Dog

Despite being classified as vulnerable or endangered, slow lorises are captured and illegally sold as pets. Many have their teeth ripped out so they can’t bite and are stuffed into cages with barely enough room to move around. The people who buy them often aren’t aware that they’re supporting such a cruel trade, but in […]


A Dog With Chemical Burns All Over His Body Just Got A Heartwarming Makeover

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); A dog named Ruger recently showed up at Vet Ranch suffering from something that broke the doctors’ hearts. Dr. Matt Carriker, a veterinarian from Texas, was so stunned when the poor pup entered his office with extreme chemical burns. He was found by a rescue organization as a stray, and when […]