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You’ll Never Believe How This Kitten Was Found, Or How She Ended Up There…

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A woman in Washington was walking her dog when they came across a box. The pup was oddly curious about it, so the woman figured she’d better check out what was inside. When she opened it, she found something so heartbreaking…

This little kitten was waiting inside the box.

She was a little skinny, but otherwise pretty healthy. But…why was she in a box by the side of the road?

This note was written on the inside of the box. It reads…

“My mommy’s boyfriend is mean to me. [Desperate] for loving home :(”

Hold on for a second while I go find some Kleenex.

(via Discovery)

It’s incredible that a child would have the heart to let go of a furry friend in exchange for its safety. Not all young people are able to think of other beings in that way — and clearly some adults are incapable, too. Now the tiny kitten is being cared for by MEOW Cat Rescue, and she’s living in a foster home with other kittens her age. She’s not old enough to be adopted yet, but as soon as she is, we’re sure she’ll have no trouble finding a loving home.

This child’s bravery saved a kitten’s life. Bravo!

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