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There’s A Man Buried Under This Pile Of Dogs — When You Find Out Why, You’ll Melt

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A man in Serbia named Sasa is one of the happiest people on the planet. Why? Because he gets to play with 450 dogs on a daily basis…450 dogs that he saved. He founded the sanctuary so that these formerly homeless dogs would have a place to play freely all day long; a place where they’d never run low on food, water, or comfort.

When you watch these pups enjoying their new lives, it’s safe to say that he’s accomplished just that.

No dog at this sanctuary is locked up in a kennel all day…

And the pure joy is clearly visible.

Feeding this many dogs is not an easy thing to do, though. If you’d like to contribute to their food costs and help keep the sanctuary afloat, consider donating to the Harmony Fund, the charity that maintains the Serbian sanctuary. It costs $15 a month to feed one of these pups, and with winter on its way…they’ll need every bit of help!

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