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Helping the media: Proposing questions for Robin Roberts to ask Obama!/GayPatriot/status/200289062425333760

While waiting for the breathless announcement about President Obama’s Biden-inspired evolution on gay marriage, Twitter had some fun thoughtfully proposing questions that Ms. Roberts could ask President Obama during the interview. Twitter users are givers and all. Thus, #RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama was born.

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama – Why didn't you write about your composite boyfriends in your autobiography?

— GayPatriot™ (@GayPatriot) May 9, 2012!/LastBrainLeft/status/200288906552414209

Do these pants make my ass look fat? #RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama

— mpfs (@mpfs79) May 9, 2012

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama – Will you campaign for same sex marriage in black churches in California? #Prop8 #NOH8

— GayPatriot™ (@GayPatriot) May 9, 2012!/LastBrainLeft/status/200289330609135616

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama Don't you wish all Republicans were as forward thinking as @mccainblogette

— mpfs (@mpfs79) May 9, 2012

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama – How are you able to talk and allow me to blow smoke up your ass at the same time? Amazing!

— GayPatriot™ (@GayPatriot) May 9, 2012

What do you spend more time worrying about: Your NBA brackets or the economy? #RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama

— NancyBellicec (@Nancy_Bellicec) May 9, 2012

Excluding jobs, the economy, gas prices, missile defense….. What would you like to talk about? #RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama

— Alex P Keaton (@I_Hate_Hippies) May 9, 2012

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama Have you always thrown like a girl?

— Martin Brody (@DarthWyatt) May 9, 2012

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama How big is Michelle's carbon vacay footprint?

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) May 9, 2012

#RobinRobertsQuestionsToObama which do you prefer – dark or white dog meat?

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) May 9, 2012

Never. Gets. Old.

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