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This Pit Bull Defies Breed Stereotypes By Helping His Human Lead A Safe, Happy Life

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If you think it’s difficult for people to break free from damaging stereotypes, imagine how hard it is for dogs. They can’t speak. They can’t write personal essays about the great things they’ve done. They can’t disagree with you when you shackle them with harmful misconceptions. They can’t tell visitors at the shelter that they’re so much nicer than they probably think.

Pit bulls are the most vilified dogs of all, but incredible canines like Cash defy every stereotype in the book. Fortunately, the humans who love them — like Cash’s mom, Nerissa Cannon — work tirelessly to share the stories that need to be told.

This is Cash. After Cannon brought him into her life, she trained him to work as a psychiatric and mobility assistance service dog.

Cash’s mission is to help his best friend live her safest, happiest life. He does everything in his power to ensure that Cannon overcomes every obstacle that her psychological and physical impairments throw her way, and they succeed because they’re in it together.

Here’s what a day in the life of Cash looks like:

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Incredible, well trained Pit Bull service dog helping his hand…

Cash the Pit Bull is an amazing ambassador for his breed – this special Service Dog is so smart and incredibly loving!

Posted by K9 Instinct on Thursday, April 9, 2015

It’s abundantly clear that this dog is putting nothing but love out into the world. He’s everything that those horrible stereotypes say he could never be.

To learn more about this adorable duo, be sure to follow them on Facebook. If you still can’t get enough and you want to help them out, head over to their online shop.

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