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Hilarious Dad Creates A Lengthy Contract That The Kids Must Sign Before Getting A Dog

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A lot of parents tell their kids that if they want a dog, they’ll have to take care of it. But this dad? He really, really meant it.

In fact, he was so serious about his desire to not have a big, slobbery, stinky, poorly behaved dog that he drew up a very long, very specific, and very funny contract for his kids to sign. He laid out an almost impossible set of standards for finding and caring for a dog, and he’s basically the most hilarious parent ever.

“The dog does not slobber or have a runny nose. All parties agree that those kinds of dogs are gross.”

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Luckily, Kershaw fit all of this dad’s demands. I mean, how could anyone resist that face?

So what do you think, parents? Is this something you’d try? I honestly feel like this is the best way to go about bringing a pet into your life. Plus, if there was a dog like Kershaw at the end of it, I’d sign anything.

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