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‘Meet the Press’ Catholic expert Chris Matthews explores the church’s ‘problems’!/IngrahamAngle/status/313303057607843840

Chris Matthews fails to get rave reviews for his comments about the future and direction of the Catholic Church on ‘Meet the Press.’

@hardball_chris did you just say the pope should revisit humanea vitae? Shows how foolish NBC is for having you on a “Catholic” panel.

— Cameron Durant (@cdurant07) March 17, 2013

On @meetthepress good ole @hardball_chris calls himself a Catholic but is pro abortion. Doesn’t add up.

— Sal(@SundevilSal) March 17, 2013

Love to see religious experts i.e. ‘Chris Matthews’ opine on what the New Pope ‘must do’ to make the Catholic Church ‘relative’ to modernity

— Frank Hill (@Telemachus111) March 17, 2013

This wisdom is coming from a guy who called Marco Rubio’s State of the Union response “primitive.”

@meetthepress . Oh here we go Catholic bashing with Chris Matthews.Liberals stop trying to change the church/Pope to your “social views”!

— Lilly McKim (@lillymckim) March 17, 2013

#mtp @hardball_chris talking about whats good for the Catholic Church is like an ice berg knowing what’s good for the #titanic. #tgdn

— Jim Hanley (@jimhanleyfishin) March 17, 2013

Is Chris Matthews saying the #Catholic church should have women priests again? Shaddap!

— Michelle Texas Belle (@houstonbombera) March 17, 2013

On #mtp, @hardball_chris says we have an American Religion accepting abortion, homosexuality, etc. Typical Dem invention.

— DemRascals (@DemRascals) March 17, 2013

I’m not Catholic, but uber concerned when a news panel person refers 2the Catholic church as “church of sex” #meetthepress #nbc #imisstim

— Cindy Bekken (@cindles13) March 17, 2013

@davidgregory when you have a panel of 4 Catholics, can one of them actually agree with Catholic teaching? #MTP

— John Marigliano (@JohnMarigliano) March 17, 2013

Yes, liberal ‘journalists’ believe their views should govern all, including the Catholic Church.

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