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20 Precious Photos Of Senior Dogs That’ll Make Your Heart Melt

It’s often said that things get better with age, and these senior dogs are no exception.

Sure, having a vibrant and bright-eyed pup can be the perfect fit for a youthful pet owner, but senior dogs are wise and so full of love. And what’s better than a dog that’s been there and done that? Not only do senior dogs have a lifetime of knowledge, but they’re so darn adorable!

So to celebrate all the elders that are growing old in both human and dog years, here are 20 senior dogs that will warm your heart.

1. We all have bad hair days every now and then.

2. What’s cuter than one senior dog? THREE!

3. A hot dog on a hot rod.

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4. Another year older, another reason to smile.

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5. Growing old can be lonely for some people. Thankfully these two seniors have each other.

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6. Even the young at heart scream for ice cream.

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7. We don’t have to put our heads together to see the love this little girl has for her elders.

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8. You’re never too old for Christmas.


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9. “Listen, buddy. I earned a wagon ride.”

Reddit / grrbina

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10. He needs his glasses to help him read the small print.


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