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These Guys Have Really Trained Their Hunting Dogs…They Have Such Self-Control

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); When it comes to training a new dog, most people know they’re in for a bit of a learning curve. While training just one dog to sit, stay, and poop outside can be daunting, imagine trying to do the same for 120 dogs at the same time. It sounds impossible, right? […]


Being Short And Chubby Is A Struggle, Especially For These 22 Dogs And Cats

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If you’re a vertically challenged chub like me, you know how difficult simple tasks can be. Reaching tall shelves is an impossible feat, and fitting through narrow openings can be quite the challenge. It really wouldn’t be so bad, though, if I actually looked cute doing it. Although that’s not the case for me, it […]


Sally Kohn’s ‘giant AHEM’ on latte salute fails to impress

, , , , ,!/JackieBodnar/status/514543274154274816 As Twitchy reported, pathetic liberals tried to explain away President Obama’s “latte salute” with a “gotcha” photo of President Bush saluting while holding a dog. Sally Kohn offered this “giant AHEM”: To @gatewaypundit & others attacking Obama for saluting Marines with coffee cup in hand, I offer this giant AHEM: — Sally Kohn […]