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This Fox Decided To Play With A Doggie Toy. Its Owner Was Not Happy About It.

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When Lupe Johnson realized she had left her toy out in the yard, it was already too late. All she could do when she saw that fox playing with her beloved plaything is bark. Being a dog kind of limits your options when it comes to responding to things, not that the fox would have listened if Lupe politely asked it to leave the toy alone, anyway.

Watch Lupe react to seeing the fox have fun with her personal property. I have to admit, it’s pretty funny to see Lupe get all worked up, but I wish her better luck with her toys in the future. Check it out!



Post by Lupe Johnson.

Wait a second! That fox wasn’t intimidated by this? How?

I think Lupe learned a valuable lesson about leaving her toys out in the yard. I know I did.

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