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These 14 Baby Bison Will Make You Proud To Call Them Our National Mammal

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On today’s episode of “Barrack Obama is the Man,” our president signs a bill declaring that the North American bison is our national mammal, because why not?

The National Bison Legacy Act — which is a real thing that exists — positions the bison as one of our national animals because it played an important role in westward expansion. That being said, the dudes behind the expansion were notorious for sipping on that haterade since they nearly drove these animals to extinction, depriving Native Americans of a valuable food source in the process.

Fortunately, conservationists have brought the North American bison back from the brink. To celebrate their newfound distinction, let’s take a look at some baby bison being adorable.

1. This looks like a stuffed animal. Explain.

2. He totally understands the feeling you get when your new haircut is lit.

3. Here’s what I look like when I hop into your mentions.

4. Always photograph a baby bison from its good side. It’s the law.

5. Here’s one that was born about 20 minutes before they filmed this video. Humans are useless.

6. As a short person, I feel this little guy’s struggle on a spiritual level.

7. The side-eye game is strong with this one.

8. When you think you look like Rihanna does in her candid photos but you’re actually over here like…

9. Sometimes you just need to go down to the water and think about Plato’s tripartite theory of the soul or whatever.

10. He got washed down stream, fought a wolf, won, and looked adorable the entire time.

11. If I brought her home and pretended she was a dog, do you think my boyfriend would notice?

Getty Images

12. Here we have a budding parkour enthusiast.

Getty Images

13. Such fluffy. Much cute.

Getty Images

14. I mean, come on.

Thanks, Obama.

No really. Thanks, because bison are the bomb. To learn more about these adorable critters and their path to national stardom, click here.

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