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Obama’s charm offensive spurs thoughts of things more charming than Obama

this is the best trend ever.
my life is complete 👌

— katherine (@kkniallersmofo) March 13, 2013

She’s not alone! The hashtag is trending.

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 4.53.23 PM

Obama’s “charm offensive”? It’s not working.

Obama’s charm offensive falters as Carney lashes out…


And these Twitter users are explaining why: Get a load of things that are more charming than President Obama.

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama @cnn saying they are center news station.

— Galt’s Gulch (@jesthe3rd) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Watching Soledad O’Brien act like she not biased.

— Galt’s Gulch (@jesthe3rd) March 13, 2013

Bless their hearts!

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama A prostate exam by Edward Scissorhands

— Armed Polock (@2ndAmGreg) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObamaTaking date to a motel and asking the desk clerk about the hourly rate

— End of the Republic (@PointlessPol) March 13, 2013

Alec Baldwin after being told to turn off his iPad for take off.#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama

— 365conservative (@365conservative) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Moldy hot dog buns

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) March 13, 2013

Gollum #ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama

— Liz Conti (@LizConti) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Kim Kardashian’s cry face.…

— IT couple (@_ITcouple) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Biting into an apple and finding half a worm

— John Smith (@atempdog) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Hoarders

— Renee Dixon (@dixonrm01) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Getting 100 DMs saying, “Have you seen this picture of you?!”

— Ashley Beacham (@truebeachbabe) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Al Gore getting his Chakra released

— John Smith (@atempdog) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama a guy named Slim with a blinking lights novelty bow tie and a facial tic who wants to be your wing man.

— Jesse Dalton (@ObamaBash) March 13, 2013


— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama Pee-Wee Herman in an adult theater in Florida

— John Smith (@atempdog) March 13, 2013

Watching Michael Moore get his back waxed…#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObama

— ACSpollen (@ACSpollen) March 13, 2013

#ThingsMoreCharmingThanObamaHa, funny trending topic, but simply EVERY THING is more charming than Obama…

— Danny (@dbrandt2009) March 13, 2013

Heh. Keep them coming, Twitter.

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