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These Look Like Boring Old Paintings At First…But Then He Grabs A Razor

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Listen. Most art sends a message. Most art does not, however, send this message.

I’m not entirely sure what artist Blake Neubert‘s intended takeaway is, but viewers of his work certainly get something out of the experience. That “something” might be a heaping helping of existential dread, but hey. That kind of material is not without its audience.

And that’s exactly why I’m bringing it to you. Although you might be left scratching your head (or puking), Neubert’s process is absolutely worth a look…a long, horrified look.

If you start at the beginning of the artist’s Instagram page, you’ll immediately see that he has some serious talent.

This piece, for example, took a cool 15 minutes.

But as you scroll up, you’ll notice an undeniable shift.

And that shift is a freaky one.

Same, man. Same.

But it’s his latest series that has the internet freaking out, and rightfully so. Watch this video until the end to see why.

This pretty lady got the “why is this happening what is life everything is awful” treatment, too!

So did Walt Disney. Eat your heart out, Mickey.

He captioned this one with, “Your dog lives better than I do,” and I’ll be having nightmares from now until the end of time.

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If you want to keep up with Blake Neubert’s work, be sure to follow him on Instagram. If you don’t, I understand.

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