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Dinner with Barack? Conservatives caption shocking new Obama photo!/Snarky_Basterd/status/218000584081539072 C’mon. At this point, it’s like the Obama campaign wants us to remind everyone that the president ate a dog. This photo was tweeted from the president’s official account this morning. Looks like good eats, eh Obama? With a chilling photo like that, how could conservatives not revive the “Obama ate a dog” meme? […]


When Her Brother Goes In The Swimming Pool, This Bulldog Does The Funniest Thing

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Anyone who’s not an only child knows how overprotective our siblings can be when they think we’re in trouble. Sure, it’s sweet, but sometimes we’re just trying to have some good, clean fun! This poor bulldog knows the feeling when he attempts to enjoy a day in the pool. His persistent sis just won’t stop […]


15 Things That You’re Doing All Wrong While Training Your Pooch

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Training a dog is hard work, but it’s so important to your pup’s future well-being. There are a lot of dos and don’ts floating around out there, but a lot of them are flat-out wrong. There are certain times and ways you should punish your dog, but there are some circumstances you’ve probably been treating […]