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Luckily For This Baby, His Dog Was Here To Catch Him When He Fell Asleep

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This baby is really, really sleepy. Despite a few helpful licks from his dog, he just can’t help but feel tuckered out. Life is rough for little ones! Luckily, his furry pal makes for a very comfy pillow and the pup doesn’t seem to mind cuddling. Watch this insanely adorable video to see the exact […]


There Is Nothing In The World These Boys Love More Than Hanging Out With Their Dog

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Babies have this incredible power to laugh so hard, they feel like they need a nap afterwards. And when these twins discover this pure joy, it’s all thanks to their fluffy pomeranian. This whole scene simply could not be more perfect. It just serves as yet another reason why pets are a wonderful thing to […]


This Cat Meeting A New Baby For The First Time Is Too Cute To Handle

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Introducing new family members to pets is always tricky. When my brother was born, we were so worried that our mean old cat would scratch him. But my brother won the cat over instantly, and eventually he was the only one that our kitty would cuddle with. This family didn’t need […]


22 Tiny Puppies That Turned Into Grown-Up Dogs Way Too Fast

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Sometimes it feels like you turn around for one second, and everything’s changed when you look back. Friends from middle school are getting married while you don’t even know what a relationship is, the freshly painted walls are splattered with dings and fingerprints. Something else that happens way too quickly is the transition your dog […]