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This Stray Pit Bull Will Show You What True Friendship Means.

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If you don’t already believe that animals have emotions, then this story of two dogs will make you a believer. A stray Pitbull and a small Chihuahua lived a rough life together in Savannah, Georgia. They were found roaming the streets together, both of them in terrible condition. They were brought into a dog rescue […]


20 Big Dogs Playing With Their Tiny Human Siblings

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Kids and animals are always ridiculously cute when they get together, but there’s something extra-special about kids hanging out with big dogs. They never seem to notice how much larger they are — they just want to play! Some people balk at the idea of getting a big dog, but they are some of the […]


When This Little Pup Is Given A Blanket, He Does The Cutest Thing

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); I love puppies. I also love burritos. But it wasn’t until recently that I learned that these two loves of mine could be combined into something even more glorious. Yes, friends, there is such a thing as puppy burritos — and no, it does not involve eating dogs. While I can’t […]


Cute Dachshunds Exchange Sweet Little Kisses Before Their Bedtime

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Before drifting off to doggy dreamland, where the treats are plentiful and no couch is off limits, these two dachshunds like to say goodnight in just about the cutest way imaginable. Watch as the pair of tiny pups give each other lots of sweet kisses. That was just too adorable. It took all of my […]


A Disabled Dog Was Given A Second Chance, Thanks To His Brilliant Owner.

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Colorado natives Barbi and Dan have what they refer to as a “dog problem.” The problem? They really, really love dogs. There’s no better example of their compassion for canines than this amazing wheelchair they created for one of their dogs, a corgi named Bentley. He was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy (or DM for short). The disease […]