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This Rescue Dog Makes It Very, Very Clear That Car Rides Aren’t His Thing

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If you’ve ever had a car-hating dog, you’ll identify with this video on a spiritual level. Harvey’s a great guy, but being in the car just isn’t his jam. When his humans try to lure him in, he does what any sensible dog would do and goes totally limp. The resulting footage is as hilarious […]


This Guilty Dog Wishes His Mom Hadn’t Just Brought Up The Cupcake Incident

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Listen, we’ve all done things we aren’t super proud of in our lives. And even if we can admit and apologize for our mistakes, we still don’t want to dwell too hard on them. It’s about moving forward, y’know. This super-fluffy Newfoundland named Sebastian knows exactly how depressing it is to remember past indiscretions when […]


This Silly Dog Won’t Stop Barking At His Bed, But It’s For An Adorable Reason

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You might think there’s something wrong with this silly pup who won’t stop barking at her bed, but she has good reason. Her little brother happens to be burrowed away in there. He pops up to play the cutest game of peekaboo I’ve ever seen with his big sis. I think she wants a turn […]