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Today Is National Good Samaritan Involvement Day, So Let’s Honor The Best Among Us

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Today we’re presented with a special opportunity to pay it forward. Every year on March 13, we get to extend our gratitude to everyday heroes on National Good Samaritan Involvement Day. Whether these do-gooders are police officers, animal lovers, or kids with a penchant for paying it forward, there’s one thing that they all have […]


Heroic Man Runs Into A Burning Home When He Hears A Dog Crying For Help

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When a terrible fire broke out at this house in Springfield, Tennessee, the owners were away, unaware of the horror that was unfolding. Thankfully, the neighbors were quick to act and immediately called the local fire department. While waiting for them to arrive, they heard cries coming from inside the house. Much to their horror, […]


What This Man Started Doing After He Found One Stray Dog Is Changing So Many Lives

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Leaving his home 14 years ago and heading to Thailand to work in a restaurant, Michael J. Baines had no idea that a stray dog would change his life forever. When a malnourished dog wandered to his restaurant after giving birth to puppies, she was thin and on the edge of death. Fortunately for her, […]