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This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued Is So Sad — He Can’t Even Believe It!

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While living on the streets is terrifying enough, being in a home and then finding yourself at animal control is probably even scarier for our pets. They’ve become accustomed to a life filled with love, cushy beds, and quiet naps. Then, for whatever reason, they wind up at the county pound. It’s loud, unfamiliar, and […]


Whoever Did This To Bertie The Pug Isn’t Human. They Need To Rot In Jail.

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There’s almost nothing worse than abuse of the innocent…which includes animal abuse. Pets give us unyielding trust and love, but that doesn’t matter to abusive animal owners. It’s so hard to see pets suffer. After all, those animals could be our pets. They could be the same defenseless puppy that we picked up out of […]