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Now it’s mammograms at risk? Hillary Clinton is sounding desperate in Iowa

, , , , ,!/JohnCornyn/status/528019387539030016 Just about everything that a Democrat says these days sounds like desperation. Hillary Clinton at least sounded confident when she informed us all that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs. That was such a ridiculous assertion, though, that she had to “clarify” her remark days later. Now the Washington Times reports that Clinton, campaigning for […]


Jezebel’s dismissal of ‘old Hillary Clinton story’ mocked with flashback

,!/dfgalvin/status/478596825268510720 The Washington Free Beacon has released an audio recording from the early 1980’s which features Hillary Clinton discussing a 1975 criminal case on which she served as the court-appointed attorney defending an accused child rapist. The story itself has been known for a few years, but the audio recordings haven’t before been released. Some […]


Was lovable sidekick Joe Biden the correct candidate in 2016, or is his claim a bunch of malarkey?

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Just when themajor newspapers failed tocome through with the daily “boom” we’ve come to expect, who should pop up but the man who likes trains and also served as vice president for eight years. Joe Biden appeared Thursday night at SALT in Las Vegas to speak to a room full ofevil Wall Street bankertypes and […]


‘Train wreck of all train wrecks’: Hillary barks on stage. Like a dog. No, really. [video]

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Hillary’s under a lot of pressure, what with being under investigation and all. Lookslike she may’ve finally cracked under it: This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill. Welp. Update: Didn’t think it could possibly get any better? Think again: Perfect. Read more:


Chris Matthews: ‘Previous kamikazes’ more patriotic than Karl Rove [video]

, , , ,!/T_RyanMartinez/status/466719581131005953 Karl Rove caused a stir recently when he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s fall in 2012 could have caused a traumatic brain injury. Chris Matthews was displeased with the former Bush adviser’s remark, to the point of calling Rove a “kamikaze,” but not the “patriotic” kind like “previous kamikazes”:!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/466723263411138562 From the Washington Free Beacon: […]


Hillary Clinton flip-flops, now says that entrepreneurs create jobs

, , ,!/jtLOL/status/526834415914057728 How is “businesses don’t create jobs” shorthand for “businesses create jobs”? We hate to say it, but it’s probably time to re-familiarize ourselves with “Clinton-speak” — for example, what the meaning of “is” is. As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton told an audience in Massachusetts last week, “Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s […]


Hillary: Threats to block SCOTUS nominee based on bigotry

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Speaking to an audience in Harlem, Hillary Clinton addressed the coming battle over the next Supreme Court justice, citing the Republicans’ “coded racial language.” While it’s true that Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell have said they won’t consider any nominees put forward in thiselection year, we’re not sure exactly who’s going around claiming that […]