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Now it’s mammograms at risk? Hillary Clinton is sounding desperate in Iowa

, , , , ,!/JohnCornyn/status/528019387539030016 Just about everything that a Democrat says these days sounds like desperation. Hillary Clinton at least sounded confident when she informed us all that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs. That was such a ridiculous assertion, though, that she had to “clarify” her remark days later. Now the Washington Times reports that Clinton, campaigning for […]


‘Train wreck of all train wrecks’: Hillary barks on stage. Like a dog. No, really. [video]

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Hillary’s under a lot of pressure, what with being under investigation and all. Lookslike she may’ve finally cracked under it: This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill. Welp. Update: Didn’t think it could possibly get any better? Think again: Perfect. Read more: