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Dillon Couldn’t Walk When He Came To Them…But Look At Him Just Weeks Later

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With their puppy dog eyes, smiley faces, and wagging tails, it’s easy to forget just how tough our pups are. When Dillon, an 11-year-old labrador came out of spinal surgery, he couldn’t walk, sit, or do much of anything other than lie on the ground. While the surgery was necessary, it left him with no […]


Stella The Dog Loves Playing In Leaves More Than You Could Ever Imagine

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For humans, fall means pumpkin-spiced everything, chunky sweaters, lower temperatures, and maybe raking up a few leaves. For canines? Fall means…jumping into the piles of leaves we make (and having a blast while doing it). Stella the Labrador knows that if she waits just long enough, her human family will rake enough leaves to make […]


Good Dog! Labrador Fetches Tissues For Pregnant Owner When She Sneezes

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Dogs love to play fetch with balls and sticks, and we love playing with them. Have you ever wondered if you could channel that energy into something a little more useful in your everyday life, though? Service dogs know how to get objects that their owners need, so it’s definitely possible to teach your pooch […]