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Dog Tells Over-Enthusiastic Puppy To Be Quiet In The Cutest Way

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Puppies are great. They are so outrageously cute and full of life…but sometimes, all that energy becomes a bit too much to handle. It’s at that moment you might be forgiven for thinking that the little puppy needs to be seen and not heard. This older, no-nonsense dog is all of us when we just […]


French Bulldogs Can’t Contain Their Excitement When Dad Mentions The Dog Park

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One dog owner by the name of Patrick has to be very careful that he doesn’t accidentally say “dog park” around his two adorable Frenchies. Every time six-year-old Ganon and his two-year-old little brother, Loki, hear those words, they absolutely lose their minds with excitement. To demonstrate, Patrick decided to film them sitting calmly in […]