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After Living Her Life In A Cage, This Bull Terrier Finally Discovers What A Bed Is

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Millie, a 7-year-old bull terrier, spent her life in a cage, giving birth to puppies. She never had a real home…or even proper veterinary care. Thanks to the Pibbles & More rescue, she was saved from that life of servitude. And now she’s finally experiencing happiness for the first time. Jill Stafford kindly brought Millie […]


They Walked Into A Seemingly Normal Home, But The Condition They Found It In? Horrible.

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I wish this was the last time I had to cover a puppy mill rescue, but I know it won’t be. Despite the widespread knowledge of the cruelty animals experience in puppy mills, the ASPCA still estimates that there are as many as 10,000 of these establishments all over the U.S. People who purchase animals […]