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This Pit Bull Defies Breed Stereotypes By Helping His Human Lead A Safe, Happy Life

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If you think it’s difficult for people to break free from damaging stereotypes, imagine how hard it is for dogs. They can’t speak. They can’t write personal essays about the great things they’ve done. They can’t disagree with you when you shackle them with harmful misconceptions. They can’t tell visitors at the shelter that they’re […]


This Service Dog Changed A Little Girl’s Life, Now She’s Doing Something Very Special For Her Friend

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Last year, the heartwarming story of 11-year-old Bella Burton and her Great Dane service dog, George, took the world by storm. Because Burton suffers from a progressive disease known as Morquio Syndrome, doctors thought she’d spend the rest of her life clinging to crutches. Then she met her helpful, gentle giant at The Service Dog […]