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While Looking For Survivors After A Mudslide, They Saw Something Heartbreaking

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Disaster struck in Brazil last Thursday when two mining dams collapsed, unleashing gallons of mud into the small town of Bento Rodrigues. Several townspeople are dead and even more are missing, but as rescuers quickly learned, humans weren’t the only ones devastated by the disaster. While looking for survivors, firefighters came across a dog that […]


This Dog Seemed Like A Lost Cause, But With Some Help, He Was Given A Second Chance

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Severely wounded and shaking with disease, a dog named Kalu was found at a construction site in India, where he was nestled in a hole and waiting to die. A humane group called Animal Aid Unlimited brought Kalu back to their clinic, and the rescuers sadly thought that euthanasia was the only way to end […]


When A House Caught Fire, Rescue Workers Had To Act Quickly To Save The Family Dog

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Some rescue crews have equipment that helps save the lives of animals, but this unit in Vancouver did not. When this dog needed desperate help after being pulled from a house fire, the firefighters had to act quickly to save his life. After a candle sparked the fire, the dog passed out from smoke inhalation. […]