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21 Things Everyone Must Eat In Glasgow

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Don’t have a hotdog, have a notdog. 1. The Classic Beef Pho at Hanoi Bike Shop. This spicy noodle broth is made fresh “pho” customers every day at this pretty, tucked away Vietnamese canteen on Ruthven Lane. It’s a mixture of beef fillet, flank and slow cooked ox cheek with spring onions, fresh herbs […]


Deer Rule This Japanese Town And It’s Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever

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Every city and town around the world has that one thing that makes it unique. Most towns may be known for their architecture, famous former residents, or even a festival or major event that draws large crowds. While these claims to fame are enough on their own, nothing quite compares to the woodland creatures taking […]


This Nepalese Hindu Festival Is The Ultimate Dog Lovers Celebration.

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Every year in Nepal, dogs really do get their day during the Hindu celebration Tihar. The five day festival features different themes of worship for each day, the second being reserved for man’s best friend. Similar to the Indian festival of Diwali, it is also known as the Festival of Lights. The participants pay reverence to […]