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You Really Need To See Cats Trying To Walk Around In Socks…Like, Right Now

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Cats are one of the great joys in life (and on the Internet). You may have seen every funny cat video out there from angry kittens to excitable balls of fluff, but unless you’ve seen cats trying to walk around in socks, you haven’t truly lived. And even if you have seen cats in socks, […]


This Heartbreaking Video Shows You Just What Testing On Animals Is Really Like

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In France, a shocking video was recently shot in the Alfort National Veterinary School. There, generations of dogs have been bred to have painful and debilitating diseases, all in the name of “research.” The studies are funded by AFM-Téléthon with the goal of finding a cure for muscular dystrophy in humans. Golden retrievers, beagles, and […]


Meanwhile In Turkey…Enormous Bear’s Hidden Lair Discovered In Forest Excavation

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Every once in a while, something happens that reminds us humans that we haven’t always been at the top of the food chain. When workers in Turkey were using heavy machinery to break through the forest floor near a chicken farm, they drilled a hole in the ground that ended up being one creature’s new […]